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The Company

AltEnergis is a London-based technology company focused on the development and commercialisation of innovative intellectual property that has significant sales potential in markets with identified demand.

Our strategy is to identify, acquire and develop technologies to a point of marketable interest, to allow for successful commercialisation through corporate deals with relevant industrial companies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop exciting and innovative research, bringing new technologies to the forefront of the market and helping with the creation of revolutionary ideas - capitalising on the need of the industry for acquiring the rights to innovative new products.

AltEnergis has numerous technologies at various stages of development, each with the potential to create a paradigm shift in their respective sectors, addressing multiple unmet needs.

Our innovative business model allows us to approach the sector like never before, to bridge the gap between innovation and commercial success.

Our Process

1) Acquire novel Intellectual Property
2) Finalise any development
3) Commercialise product

IP commercialisation lays the foundation
for driving global economies forward

The UK is a key global
hub for technology
and the market grows expontentially

We fill the gap in the sector
between technology 'push' and market 'pull'

Enabling Technologies within
Engineering is our focus

With applications across sectors including
IoT, Sensors, Energy Harvesting and Medical Devices

Skilled Management team supported by a
netwok of highly qualified experts

About Us

The Company

AltEnergis is a UK-based technology acquisition, development and commercialisation company. The company acquires the rights to commercially attractive IP from expert research institutions and companies, which it then further develops and commercialises through corporate deals.

It also has an advisory division that helps innovators commercialise their IP through commercial partnerships, undertakes IP/market due diligence and reviews and prepares business plans/marketing materials. The company also aims to work with corporates to source early stage IP giving them access to new innovations.

The company's key area of interest is within Engineering and enabling technologies.


Our strategy is to develop our technologies into commercial and profitable applications and to make further acquisitions of innovative IP from research institutions and companies. We aim to maintain a technologically diverse pipeline and to renew and enlarge the pipeline over time so that there is a spread between younger and more mature technologies.

We are focused on enabling technologies: those which improve upon existing methods to solve an industry problem rather than create whole new processes. Typically we acquire these enabling technologies once they have reached the stage where it is no longer classed as research. Following successful development, we then license the technology to a selected corporation, which customises the technology and incorporates it into their own product line-up.

Management Team

Our team has an extensive understanding of the commercial and financial sectors at senior level in some of the world's largest companies as well as significant experience establishing and growing IP exploitation companies. We also have a comprehensive Scientific Advisory panel which has a wide range of expertise across multiple industry sectors and markets.

Tony Premi


James Dimitriou

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Buckland

Chief Operating Officer

Gregory Day

Chief Technology Officer

George Delyannis

Chief Financial Officer

Hans van den Berg

Non-Executive Director

Ray Coyle

Non-Executive Director


AltEnergis has numerous technologies at various stages of development, each with the potential to create a paradigm shift in their respective sectors, addressing multiple unmet needs. Due to the fast-moving nature of the technology industry, we are constantly identifying and assessing novel technologies and are currently reviewing a number of technologies and patents.

Our innovative business model allows us to approach the sector like never before, to bridge the gap between innovation and commercial success.

Advisory Services

In addition to the proprietary product development and commercialisation activities, AltEnergis also offers advisory services to third party clients. We work with innovators wanting to exploit their novel technology, corporates wanting access to new innovation and investors seeking the next big idea across a variety of sectors.

AltEnergis has commercial deal-making experience and financial markets experience, both of which are crucial for the understanding of industry deals from both a commercial and investor perspective. AltEnergis aims to provide significant value to innovation, by carefully selecting the technologies and companies we work with to ensure the best chance of commercial success.

Profit from innovation. Corporates often rely on the smaller companies and innovators for technologies, and we sit in between.


There will always be numerous routes to market for technologies, but choosing the most suitable and most valuable one is often hard.

Project Evaluation

We think multi-laterally and our nature allows us to be flexible with our strategy and direction in order to make an innovation a success.

Technology Sourcing

We want to ensure that AltEnergis continues to drive innovation and therefore look to work with the most exciting and commercially valuable technologies.

We work closely with innovators to determine the most suitable commercialisation strategy, supporting the transaction from the development phases through until completion of a licensing deal.

AltEnergis aims to support coporations through the offering of specialist technology and IP sourcing services across multiple sectors and disciplines.

Turning bright ideas into a commercial success

AltEnergis capitalises on pioneering research taking place in academic institutions around the world in a multitude of different sectors. Due to early-stage technologies often being perceived as a high-risk proposition it can often be difficult for any inventor to get an innovative idea off the ground.

Development programmes tend to require significant funding to reach a commercially acceptable prototype, with it being difficult to secure private funding and choose an effective development strategy to advance a technology. In recent years it has proven to be even more challenging given the problems in the wider economic environment - especially frustrating considering the urgency and importance of technology development and commercialisation.

AltEnergis works with a number of collaborative partners, including academic research institutions, technology transfer companies and commercial licensing and development partners. We look to collaborate with partners who share our vision of bringing innovative research to the forefront of the market.

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We are located in Mayfair, London, ensuring we are well positioned to capitalise on the strengths of London's international business connections, to help commercialise technology IP.